DISTED, Penang. If you still have not decided and have not even done anything about furthering your studies. Consider what DISTED has to offer to make it worth your while to be their student. Intersted? Do you know iSEN makes it easy for students to register for the courses All you need to do is:
1. Contact iSEN at enquiry.isen@gmail.com
2. We will email you DISTED;s application form
3. You complete the application form and email this back with all your documents all from the comfort of your home.
4. We process your application form immediately
5. If DISTED offers you a place and you would like to accept, let us know and we will then advise you when to go and register at DISTED.
Easy and no fuss at all.
For further information, please contact; Ms Jamie Chua at +6016 443 0580 (hp/whatsapp).